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Trestle Glen Vineyards
November 12, 2021 | News & Press | Trestle Glen Vineyards

TGW Holdings Acquires Trestle Glen Vineyards

GLEN ELLEN, Calif., November 12, 2021 -- TGW Holdings, LLC announced today that they have completed the acquisition of Trestle Glen Vineyards, an award-winning, boutique winery located in Sonoma County, California. 

Trestle Glen Vineyards, renowned for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel varietals, is named for the historic train trestle tracks that traverse the twenty-one acre estate. This extension of the Sonoma Valley Railroad was once a vital agricultural connection between the towns of Sonoma and Glen Ellen. 

“We fell in love with Trestle Glen: the history, the vineyard, the caliber of the grapes, and the exquisite wines produced,” said new owner, Brian Wheeler. “Trestle Glen wines are full-bodied and elegant. As fine wine enthusiasts, we see a tremendous opportunity to enhance both the property and the distinction of wines produced here.”

Winemaker, Tom Montgomery, who has consistently created award-winning wines throughout his 25-year career in the area, will remain as head winemaker. The wine will continue being produced from 30 year old Cabernet and Zinfandel vines currently growing on the property. 

“I am very excited to entrust the future of Trestle Glen Vineyards with Brian and Mike,” said Bruce Cohn, former owner and operator. “I look forward to the world-class wines they will continue to produce with Tom. They have my steadfast enthusiasm and support as we move into this next chapter.” 

“We’re incredibly grateful to Bruce and the excellence he has cultivated from these vineyards,” said Brian. “We’re excited to continue the tradition of creating distinguished wines with Tom and to further invest in this amazing property.” Initial plans include replanting and expanding the vineyard and introducing a new varietal. Trestle Glen Vineyards is sustainably-farmed. 

Located in Glen Ellen between the Mayacamas Mountains and Sonoma Mountain, Trestle Glen Vineyards has a unique microclimate. Underground natural hot springs and gentle ocean breezes help prevent frost in late winter and early spring. The weather provides slow, even ripening perfect for Cabernet and Zinfandel varietals.

About Trestle Glen Vineyards 

Trestle Glen Vineyards is a twenty-one acre vineyard located in Glen Ellen, California. The Sonoma County-based vineyard and winery produces small-lot Cabernet and Zinfandel wines. Established in 2016 by Bruce Cohn, the first vintage (2017) received a 96 and a 97 from Anthony Dias Blue. Tom Montgomery is the head winemaker. 

About TGW Holdings

TGW Holdings LLC is a family-owned business located in Glen Ellen, CA. Owners Mike, Brian, and Jean Wheeler are focused on producing distinctive estate wines that can be consumed immediately or stored for years to enhance their quality. 


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