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The Wheeler Family

Our family was introduced to Trestle Glen Vineyards in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Father Mike is a longtime Northern California resident by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while son Brian returned to the Bay Area after more than a decade practicing law abroad. After visiting and falling in love with the vineyard during a wine country getaway at the property, we jumped at the opportunity to buy Trestle Glen Vineyards from Bruce Cohn in 2020. 

Through our travels and experiences, we have been wine enthusiasts for years. It has always been our dream to own something small to produce distinctive and delicious wine through the years. While we are still learning the many nuances of owning a vineyard and winery, we are truly in love with the process, and see tremendous opportunity to enhance both the property and the distinction of wines produced at Trestle Glen Vineyards. 

We ask for your support as we step into this next adventure of life, and look forward to sharing our take on Sonoma Valley wines. 




Since 2021, we have run Trestle Glen Vineyards as a multi-generational effort to continue the important historical legacy of this land.

We consider the singular attraction of wine to be its varied and unique expression of local environments, history, and conditions, and look forward to teaching the next generation about this fascinating and rewarding industry.

Winston the Vineyard Lab
Born in Stafford, Missouri, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Winston has been an invaluable contributor to our winery by ridding us of grape-loving vineyard pests like deer, squirrels, and jackrabbits.
Winston loves swimming in the vineyard pool, playing keep-away, snagging the odd bit of cheese or salami, and napping under the table during wine tastings.
Stay tuned for Winston-themed products in the future!