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Uncover the rich history behind Trestle Glen Vineyards.

Inspired by Historic Railways

Trestle Glen Vineyards is named after the narrow gauge railroad constructed through Sonoma Valley in 1882 that connected the town of Sonoma to Glen Ellen. Remains of the original train trestle that crossed Sonoma Creek can still be found on the 21-acre estate.

Rock and Roll Roots

In Bruce Cohn’s college years he became immersed in the San Francisco music scene while studying broadcasting and communications. He ran a music rehearsal studio by day and served as a television engineer at night. It was around this time, in 1970, that he began managing music groups. He continued for the next 45 years managing legendary, Grammy-winning rock and roll artists.

Decades of Experience

In 1974, to keep some sanity and preserve his family's quality of life, Bruce purchased an old dairy in Glen Ellen. Driven to cultivate the existing vineyard, Bruce soon became intensely involved with all aspects of growing grapes, mentored by Charlie Wagner of Caymus. A decade after taking ownership of the land and having great success selling grapes to other wineries, Bruce founded B.R. Cohn Winery in 1984. For over 30 years he produced consistently high quality wines which garnered high acclaim.

Exquisite Sonoma Valley Grapes

Located in the southern portion of Sonoma County, this region is nestled between the Sonoma Mountain and Mayacamas Mountain ranges. Sonoma Valley enjoys cool mornings provided by the coastal influences, yet clear skies and warm afternoons provided by the mountains, ideal growing conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Trestle Glen’s sustainably farmed grapes are highly sought after and have been used for many years in B.R. Cohn's own estate Cabernet wines.

Boutique Small Lot Production

Solely sourced from the Trestle Glen Vineyards estate, we strive for each small lot wine to uniquely express its own story. We take a minimalistic winemaking approach to allow the nuances of the vintage's land, grapes and weather to come through.